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Fundraising Opportunities

Below are optional fundraising programs the Legends have set up for players to help offset cost of team fees.

Players who participate in these programs will raise proceeds for a rebate of team fees at the end of the summer. Participation and rebate amount is completely up to each individual player.

A majority percentage of proceeds will go towards player rebate differs with each fundraising program. Rebate cannot exceed team fee amount. is the leading crowdfunding platform for amateur sports programs in America.

Players enter email addresses of family, friends etc. ETS generates professionally written donations letters. ETS then sends five (5) emails to each person listed in 35 days on behalf of the Legends asking to donate toward your cause.

All donations are tax deductible and thank you letters are automatically generated on behalf of both you and the Legends. ETS charges a set-up and service fee. 70% of all proceeds raised will go towards your rebate at the end of the summer.

This is by far the easiest and most effective way to raise funds toward your rebate.

CCL Golf Tournament

The annual California Collegiate League golf tournament is held in early February every year.

The event attracts professionals from all areas of corporate America, college baseball coaches and professional baseball players. The CCL golf tournament is a great chance to network and mingle with some of the best professional and baseball minds on the West Coast.

The cost per player is $150 and $600 for a group.

Players will receive $100 towards their end of summer rebate for each golfer referred to the CCL golf tournament.

Sell a Sponsor

The Legends "Sell a Sponsor" program is designed to help promote a small business or local establishment while helping you raise money towards your rebate at the end of the summer. 

Website homepage advertisement: $350

Outfield wall banner: $500. 

Each player will receive $250 for website sponsor and 350 for outfield wall banner. 

Team Apparel Fundraiser

Half of all items sold will go directly towards each players team fee rebate at the end of the summer.

LB Legends Season Tickets

For the 2017 season the Legends will offer a season ticket package for our fans.

Admission to a Legends home game in 2017 will be $5. There will be at least 22 home games next season.

The Legends season tickets: $75 ($110 value)

For each season ticket package you sell, $50 will go towards your player rebate at the end of the summer.