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Long Beach Baseball Club Hall of Fame and Awards

Long Beach Baseball Club Hall of Fame

Josh  Frye (2012)

Josh Frye (2012)

Cal State Long Beach/LA Angels - Original member of program. Struck out 21 batters in game

Danny  Haley (2012-2013)

Danny Haley (2012-2013)

Cal State Dominguez Hills - Original memeber of program. Hit over .330 both summers

Steven Garber (2012-2013)

Steven Garber (2012-2013)

Northwest Missouri State - Original member of program. Led SCCBL in every offensive catagory in 2012

Daniel  Catalan (2012-2013)

Daniel Catalan (2012-2013)

Holy Names University - Led team in grinder offensive catagories ie: BB, HBP, SAC

Chris  Schaaf (2012-2013)

Chris Schaaf (2012-2013)

University of Minnesota - Orignial member of Legends. Hit over .300 both years

Jeff  Curran (2013)

Jeff Curran (2013)

Oklahoma University - Ace of the 2013 team that won 42 games

Jacob  Clem (2014)

Jacob Clem (2014)

Universty of Washington - LB Summer Classic trophy named after him "Sir Clemmy's Cup"

Phil  Visico (2013-2014)

Phil Visico (2013-2014)

Long Beach City College - Knocked himself out running into a wall during the 2014 OCCL championship

Cameron  Mackenzie (2013-2015)

Cameron Mackenzie (2013-2015)

3x member of Legends. All-time leader in: Apps, Innings, K's. Signed professional contract 2016

Danny  Ittner (2012-2014)

Danny Ittner (2012-2014)

Long beach City College - Leads franchise in appearenaces. Had a 0.59 ERA in 2013

L Grant Davis (2013)

L Grant Davis (2013)

Ohio State University - Original member of the Litttle Legends

Robert  Yates (2013)

Robert Yates (2013)

Long Beach City College - Original member of Little Legends. Everybody loves him

Kyle Davis (2013)

Kyle Davis (2013)

University of Southern California - "This guy is nasty" - A quote from catcher Shawn Hovlid

Sean Beckley (2012)

Sean Beckley (2012)

Long Beach City College - A founding father of the program

Chris  Vopinek (2013-2014)

Chris Vopinek (2013-2014)

El Camino - Coached Legends - Red to 2014 OCCL Championship against all odds

Warren  Fishback (2014)

Warren Fishback (2014)

Cal State San Bernardino - Led team in every offensive catagory. Hit 2 oppo bombs in championship

Tai  Tiedemann (2015)

Tai Tiedemann (2015)

Drafted 8th rd by Texas Rangers after playing only 1 year of HS and 1 yr of JC

Postseason Awards

2012 MVP - Steven Garber (NW Missouri State)
2012 Cy Young - Josh Frye
(Long Beach State)


2013 MVP - Danny Haley (CSU Dominguez Hills)
2013 Cy Young - Danny Ittner
(Long Beach CC)


2014 MVP - Warren Fishback (CSU San Bernardino)
2014 Cy Young - Dylan Prohoroff (Fullerton JC)


2015 MVP - Tyler Place (CSU San Marcos)
2015 Cy Young - Michael Agramonte (UC Irvine)


2016 MVP - Trevor Casanova (El Camino)

2016 CY Young - Justin Lewis (Cornell)


2017 MVP - Michael Stefanic (Westmont) 

2017 Cy Young - Evan May (Hawaii Pacific)



Steven Garber Award

                                                                                                          (Teammate of the Year)


2015 Steven Castro - Long Beach CC


2016 John Montgomery - Eastern Michigan 


2017 Charles Carr - Grinnell College